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Autism and illness

Bilal is down with a flu like illness, called rhino-something virus, its like the flu in that he has a fever but no other cold symptoms such as stuffy or runny nose, cough and the like. His little brother Sulayman got it first but it was more like the flu with him, with Sulayman it lasted 5 days of fever (39 degrees C/103 degrees F)  on and off, he had the runny/stuffy nose, he vomited 3 times, and had diarrhea, he also had slight swelling from the injection site of the chicken pox vaccine. It was the worst illness he’s had since he was born and lasting 5 days was brutal, he barely ate anything other than his milk bottle and sometimes he would take Ritz crackers. The fever would go down with Tylenol but as soon as the 4 hours were over it would climb back up, and I didn’t feel that it went completely down, so the pediatrician said to use Advil, and within half an hour his fever went down and stayed down, and it works for 8 hours instead of the 4. So after the 5 days Sulayman was all better and all his symptoms were going away and we thought we’d start a new week, but come early Monday night Bilal wakes up in the middle of the night and vomits, and he wakes up in the morning with the start of a fever, and it goes on but with Bilal its difficult. Alhamdullah he didn’t get any other symptoms, other than vomiting a couple of times but as it has been since he was born its impossible to give him any type of medicine or vitamin and we’ve always had to put in milk or juice but with him being so ill he doesn’t even feel like drinking his juice, and the Advil made the juice really gross I don’t blame him, so he couldn’t take the medicine, we even held him down and forced him to take it, the strength he suddenly gets, tensing up his whole body, clamping his mouth shut, and when we forced that open and squeezed in the Advil he somehow clamped his throat shut and the medicine would just bubble back up, we tried this twice but it was really pointless. So I asked his doctor for a suppository, they only make Tylenol and not Advil in that form and that’s what we had to do. He also tenses up and screams but its easier to get it in and it stays in and it helps a little, we did a lot of cold compresses and he did drink a lot of cold water. As today is day 5 I think he’s finally getting better insha Allah but he’s lost so much weight and seems so weak and listless. He barely eats or drinks anything other than water and it will take awhile I’m sure for his appetite to return and for him to fatten up a bit again.  He’s missed a week of school and his speech and OT therapies as well. I really hope this is the end of any winter illnesses insha Allah we surely have gotten our share of it this year. Towards the end of Sulayman’s week of illness I got a fever for a couple of days and a bit of a sore throat, but my husband got it the worst, he got Strep throat, fever, and some kind of eye virus that we’re worried could spread as its really contagi0us.

Positive thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.


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