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Summer Camps 2013

Its that time of year again. School has less than 2 months and then a 3 month long summer break before Bilal starts Kindergarten in August. As we’re transitioning all his classes to a typical setting we considered the YMCA summer camp. It’s sports, outdoors, nature walks and they provide swimming  also a great bonus is that its close and from 9-4 everyday, its a tad more expensive than we’d like but that’s the average price around here. They offer sessions all through the summer from the very first week till the week right before school starts and you can pick and choose which sessions to do. So we’ve got him booked for mid-June till mid-July for now. Last year he went to Camp Moementum for the month of June and he loved it, I thought about it but dismissed it because we want a more typical environment. So a couple of weeks ago there was a summer camp expo for children with special needs, the only reason I went was to say hi to his swim instructors and thank them again for everything so there we ran into Maureen the camp momentum instructor, she said she hadn’t heard from me and why haven’t I replied to her email I told her our circumstances and she said that her camp was a mix both special needs and typical children attended and Bilal would fit right in, she gave me the application and we thought it through and decided to do the 2 weeks, it being cheaper and something Bilal knows and remembers. More sports, hikes, splash pads, arts and crafts and the like.  It could also be a bit of practice before he does the YMCA camp. He’ll still have his therapies, music lessons and recital, horse back riding lessons, and a boy scout camp with his dad for a weekend. We might also look into Arabic or Quran lessons, so it will be busy and hopefully no boredom or regressions. Even though I’m not looking forward to the heat of the summer cant wait for the fun of it all.


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