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Adapted Piano Lessons

I’ve mentioned before that Bilal had an ear for music, he’s always singing or humming something from school, TV the radio, he gets the tune right but the lyrics are a mess but because I’m able to recognize the song right away I help him out with the words. We tried music therapy but his class mates were way lower functioning than him and holding him back and it was more play with music than actual music, they barely got to play with the instruments just a quick couple bangs and it is put away because they’re acting up, so we only did 1 semester of that and moved on to swimming.

One day out of the blue I heard him bang the “where is Thumper?” or “Are you sleeping?”  song on his xylophone and later in the day he played it on a small toy piano that came with a Happy Meal, where he learnt it or was it just musical intuition we dont know, but his dad rushed out that day and bought a keyboard. Hubby has played with it more than Bilal has but its around the house where he can try out different things and maybe learn more. When I went to the Special Needs Summer Camps expo earlier in the year I met with another center that offered Music Therapy, called Music Therapy Services of Greater Atlanta in  Downtown Roswell  and I spoke with the representative telling her we were interested in music but worry about class mate developmental levels and the like and she said they offer several classes and options trying to find the best fit for the child, I thanked her took her brochures and left, we also met the center that offered the adapted swimming lessons that day and went with that soon after. So with the keyboard at home and summer camp over we decided to check out music therapy I gave them a call and they said they offered adapted piano lessons and they offered a free 30 minute consultation lesson first to meet the therapist she meets the child and we discuss options. Bilal loved it and we quickly decided to do an hour lesson a week. She is impressed with his musical ear saying she has tune, melody and pace. They mainly play the piano and learn the black key patterns, high and low notes, and he started learning musical notes, because he loses focus quickly and starts acting silly they play other musical games like dancing or drums or guitar, so he learns to appreciate other instruments and enjoy music in general. He’s a quick learner and she said he’ll move from Book A to Book B quickly. Ms. Megan is great she has a beautiful voice and is really good at her job dealing with Bilal’s silliness and keeping him focused.


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