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Autism Awareness Continued…

So yesterday was World Autism Awareness day I followed the hash tag on Twitter, re tweeted some posts or links, copy and pasted some links from the Autism Speaks website on to my Facebook for others to know more about the disorder. Then in the late afternoon we went out, we all dressed up in blue and went to Home Depot and got our light bulb. Our patio just has the one light bulb and its not very visible but we lit it up blue and it felt good to share in this with the rest of the ASD community even with something so little as a light bulb and some internet time. Here are a few pictures or links I found interesting yesterday.


Pictures, these are my own:

Home Depot: http://instagr.am/p/I7yPSaHbX7/

Light it up blue: http://instagr.am/p/I8HCvKHbcg/       &      http://instagr.am/p/I77U3FHbaD/


I was proud to find out that Egypt participated as well by lighting up a couple monuments including the Giza pyramids in blue in recognition of Autism. There is an active chapter that strives to educate and integrate the public with autism, true Egypt has a long way to go as most doctors and pediatricians do not check for developmental skills of infants and toddlers during well check-ups, a well known speech pathalogist even said that autism is just an excuse parents use for not teaching their child to speak and communicate properly, but all in all its a great step forward for the region.


Don’t forget that April is Autism Awareness month, so you still have time, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, TJMAXX and I’m sure other retailers are helping with donations, because of spring and the great weather you can find an Autism Walk near you to participate in. Everyday can be autism day, you can donate time or money any day of the year. With 1 in every 88 children affected by this disorder its the least you can do, just understand us and recognize the signs.


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