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School Update

Bilal has been back in school for 6 weeks now and is doing great. He was super excited to start school and had no problem transitioning and moving into the other class. This year those closer to 5 are in one class and those closer to 3 in the other. The week before school started there was the open house and he was so happy to see his school and class and he asked about all the toys and was disappointed that we left so quickly. The first day of school I walked him to his class and he didn’t even look back went right into playing and he had a great day. His teacher this year, Ms. Tiffany has 11 years of special ed experience and it really does show, regular emails sent out, the daily report sent home completed everyday, she has a song or game for everything which is great for Bilal, he came home the 3rd day of school already singing the songs and telling me the story of the month. As his birthday is at the end of September with barely a month of progress achieved she had a progress report and notice sent home and a draft IEP and was all set for his annual IEP meeting. Went to the meeting and it went really smoothly, I added a couple goals to the draft, went over concerns and got an idea about what to expect next year for Kindergarten, with a transitional meeting due in Feb. He’s met all pre-K cognitive goals, most social goals but almost none of his fine motor goals, with only an hour a week of school OT therapy they’re trying their best to get him writing and using scissors, also because he never sleeps during nap time they let him rest for a few minutes till all his classmates fall asleep and they take him out for some extra therapy which is great. Ms. Tiffany says that next year he’ll most probably be placed in a typical Kindergarten class with support and therapy so we’ll see when Feb. comes around and also whether we’ll move or not and which school he’ll go to then. He’s the oldest and most advanced in his class, with 2 other high functioning classmates so they’re working hard on keeping him challenged and learning all his pre-k skills and even a little of Kindergarten skills like reading. Alhamdullah I could be happier, so proud of him and really grateful for such an experienced team to help him progress even further inshaAllah.




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