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Where we are in our journey

Bilal is now 4 years and 1 month old. Since he turned 3 he has progressed a lot. When he first turned 3 there was still some regression, his baby brother was born, starting daycare, and lots of traveling all that would be difficult on a typical child more so one with autism, he’s come so far from “eh eh eh” with pulling and pushing to several full sentences, to refusing to feed himself to doing quiet well with spoon and fork. He has mastered the use of the computer, by typing his name to login and opening Internet Explorer and visiting his websites. Disney Junior, PBS, and Starfall playing videos, or games I think he’s even found a couple more websites he enjoys visiting. He knows his numbers from 1-20, he recognizes the letters of the alphabet in both capital and small, he enjoys looking at story books now, learning to write, he does a really good capital J. His teacher says he is communicating and playing well with his classmates and calls a couple of them as his friends, he’s making progress on all his IEP goals and I guess most comforting to me is his behavior has improved a lot, we seldom have out blown tantrums or meltdowns, rarely have any more head banging or screaming, I cant remember when I last saw him toe walk. He loves his little brother, lots of “big hugs” during the day, they laugh and play together and often times Bilal would help out when Sulayman starts crying asking for his bottle and giving it to him. Alhamdullah its been a good year and I’m optimistic and looking forward to more progress insha Allah. We still have a long journey ahead of us.


I am unsure what I want to write down exactly, The difficult part I believe is behind us and we will continue forward with more therapy, with school, IEP’s, and whatever sound treatments come up in the future. I still dont know what else I want to do with this blog, I’ll still write about therapy sessions, I want to write about Bilal’s little brother, I want to share articles I read online, new findings or studies on autism that seem to appear almost everyday now but with still no clear underlying cause or cure. I want to mention therapy centers we visit, the therapists, and doctors we’ve spoken to, to help in a more local way. I still dream of bringing awareness to the Muslim community, I wish to make a close true friend who’s been there and possibly our boys could also become friends. I would like suggestions and ideas from any readers of the blog, I really want to make this blog worthwhile for me and for anyone visiting. I hope I canĀ achieveĀ all that and I hope you’ll stick around for more and to help out as well. Thank you.


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