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First Drawing

Bilal as Cowboy


Yesterday was Bilal’s annual re-evaluation for private OT, his therapist said he did so well and so much better than from the initial evaluation, while she was telling me about how well he did she started explaining this drawing, I interrupted her and asked “He drew this?” “By himself” she said yes and went on to explain that he didn’t attach his arms or feet to the drawing which indicates that he is unaware of his body in relation to space and blah blah blah OT technical talk that I don’t really understand but pretend I do lol. I was more proud of the fact that he can actually draw something that really resembles a boy, face, eyes, ears, mouth, body its prefect, I don’t really believe all that space continuum talk, he’s not even 5 and this is the first drawing I’ve seen him do, of course he doesn’t know how to attach his arms to the body. Bilal says its him as a cowboy, and he’s winking 😉 I have it pinned up on the fridge and his dad and I are really proud and impressed. I wanted to know more about the drawing than his evaluation, like did he totally draw this on his own, or did she draw one and told him to draw his own, or did she keep prompting him, now draw a head, with eyes, and a mouth or did she just say draw yourself and he took it from there. I’ll make sure to ask her next week, didn’t seem right to interrupt all her technical and important diagnosis to ask about a child’s scribble. lol


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