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Autism Awareness Day

Today is world autism awareness day, a day to help understand this disorder to inform, to help fund autism research and to appreciate the 1 in 88 children and adults affected. People are urged to wear blue today to display autism puzzle piece pins on their clothing, and mainly to install blue light bulbs in their windows, patios, porches and balconies.

I’m not sure yet I’ll personally be doing to celebrate, its spring break and we don’t have any plans today, but I might just dress the boys and myself in blue and go to Home Depot to buy a blue light bulb and put in out on the patio and light it up tonight. Other than that I’ll try to be active on Facebook and twitter.

Come on:




Check out this page:

Autism Speaks: http://www.lightitupblue.org/Markslist/home.do

Light it up blue pdf: http://www.lightitupblue.org/Markslist/documents/resources/2012%20LIUB%20Participation%20Packet.pdf


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