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Because why?! why? why? why?

Bilal is in a “why” phase. One of his main speech goals at school and in private therapy these days is answering the “why” question without picture support. He’s figured it out and is on a roll. Anything you tell him even if its something so normal and routine has to be hit with “because why?” or he’d repeat what I said into a question. Example:

Me: “Go use the bathroom, its sleepy time”

Bilal: “Why go peepee?”

Me: “Because I already told you its sleepy time”

Bilal: “Why is it sleepy time?”

Me: “Because sleepy time has always been at 8”

Bilal: “Why is sleepy time at 8?”

Me: instead of answering I just end up demanding that he go use the bathroom already!

and so on and so on. He even asks why if we’re talking to his brother. Its great that he can change a sentence into a question, but it gets annoying really quickly, trying to come up with answers, because, because I said so, because its a rule, because that’s how its always been. His therapists are coming up with answers too, his music teacher just answers with because, his physical therapist told him he only had a 5 question limit, that he uses up within the first 5 minutes, and I’m trying to work on smart questions versus silly questions, to only ask questions he doesn’t already know the answer to and not to question the rules and so on. Just recently his questions sometimes have gotten smarter. In the car I can see at the edge of my vision him looking at his outstretched arms and studying them and then he asks, “Why do we need bones?” or “Why do we have fingers” those questions I enjoy and don’t mind answering and discussing why he thinks we need those and explaining how stuff works, its the silly questions that really bug me lol. I always heard that the “why?” phase is usually around 3 and a half, but at that age Bilal was just starting to put 2 word sentences together and didn’t comprehend questions at all, so I’m glad he reached a developmental milestone even if its a couple years late. 

My questions:

“How long does this phase last?”

“How best to answer all these why questions?”


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