Our journey through autism


This is a blog about our journey with autism, from the very beginning to the present day. The title for the blog is a play on words. BOM as in “bomb” with autism being dropped into our lives and greatly affecting us like I a bomb would, and its written this way because it is the initials of my affected son’s Bilal’s name.


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  1. Salaam sister, I have just one across your blog, very excited to read about your son progress allhumdulliah.
    I also have a blessed son with autisim he is 7 and high functioning.
    I will be greaful if you can share with me the processes you went though were your son made very good progress.
    I feel with my son for the last two year I am not seeing much development, were trying everything we can, please help me.

    • Alikum a salaam Jasmine,
      Thank you for visiting, well our whole journey from diagnosis till today is all here. I’m no autism expert and each child is so different, don’t know where you started and where you’ve reached, what you tried when and for how long. What services are available where you live etc. most important is prayer and therapy, also my son has been in special Ed pre-k and I’ve kept him as busy as possible, weekends and vacations. Find something he enjoys and is good at and take classes, sports, music, art, whatever the confidence boost is helpful with therapy as well. Keep in touch and read through the blog, ill answer any questions you have as best as I can inshaAllah.

  2. Jazzakallah for reply sister, last September we moved from the uk to the the Middle East (qatar). My son attends a British mainstream school in qatar, he is in a class of 5 children in the same year group and taught by a special needs teacher from the UK who he recently joined the school when we arrived. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 , and from then on he has received one to one support in school, private speech therapy , occupational therapy.
    Since we have arrived in qatar the therapies have stopped and we are looking into the services they provide here for autistic children.
    You mentioned in your email about a special ED pre-k, please can you elaborate on that.
    We tried the gluten and dairy free diet for about 11 month there were some differences in his behavoiur but we were not really sure if it was enough for him to stay on the diet so we took him off, it is something we may try again to see if there is a difference. Please let me know if you have done similar regarding diet change.
    I do carry a five to ten minute exercise with him every morning before he goes to school which envolves in some jumping, hand , leg ,back rubbing, swinging and blowing to keep him calm and focused. A year of speech therapy back in the uk I feel has not made much difference to his speech, is there anything you feel that has worked really well for your son please advise me.
    My son is allhumdulliah on the calm side of Behavoiur , his quite quiet , loving concerning and just tends to play by himself, occasionally he will have the tantrums.
    Since we have been in qatar we are out most weekend and holidays keeping the kids busy which was not always possible in the uk due to the weather and environment.
    Have you tried the ABA therapy if so what are your thoughts.
    Sorry sister for the long email and questions I just want to make sure I haven’t left anything out for my son and give him the best help possible im sure your the same. I work a lot with him at home with school work but find the concentration is what I battle with him.

    Inshallah I look forward to your reply.



  3. Assalum Alikum,

    Here in the US children with special needs or delays can get therapy and help from the county, younger than 3 a therapist will come to the child’s home and provide the therapy in their own environment, 3 and older go to public special ed pre-k classes. Its like any typical pre-k or daycare curriculum learning their abc’s, numbers, shapes, colors, etc its just that the teacher has a degree in special education and its all done at the child’s learning pace and all the kids have some kind of delay, class size is small, (maximum 12 students) and there are 2 assistants not 1.

    No we have not gone on any special diet, his developmental pediatrician doesn’t recommend it, but I’ve heard some people swear that it makes a lot of difference, so experiment and see. My son is a picky eater and I’m just trying to make sure he gets something from each food group, and a normal multi-vitamin

    We’ve also haven’t done ABA therapy as his pediatrician said that it was more beneficial for younger and more severely autistic children. His regular therapies (speech, OT, PT and classes) have been enough for him. Again I’ve heard other parents swear that ABA is the best so ask around and see, each child is different.

    As for speech which was his most obvious delay (he didn’t speak till after the age of 3) therapy was essential and beneficial, maybe progress was slow at first but it picked up, we stuck to only learning English and speaking it around the house (just now we’ve started a little Arabic) I tried it all, reading books, watching only educational cartoons (sesame street, etc) talking with him a lot and an hour or more of therapy a week.

    I believe from my own experience that every little thing helps, all these different therapies, classes, games, shows, apps, diets, exercises, whatever really it all works together. Just read articles, ask around and try as much as you can financially and time wise, just don’t give up because even the most severely affected child improves inshaAllah.

  4. Wali cum salaam sister

    Sorry for late reply, just have been busy with children and home life. Will take on board all your advice and inshallah will keep trying to give my son all the best support.
    I will keep an eye out for your update.


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