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Turning 5

5th Birthday party Balloons

My little guy turned five this week. A whole five years mashaAllah, its such an amazing milestone. When I was a kid I thought five was so cool because you stick up all the fingers on your hand, and high fives and such. Needless to say Bilal thought it amazing as well. He’s been into the calendar and the days of the week and months since I’ve gotten a dry erase calendar on our fridge which has all his therapies and appointments, I also draw a little cake with the age of whoever’s birthday it is, so every few days he would count the number of days left and the week before his birthday he’d say “we’re on top of my birthday” . I kinda went all out for him, the first year he’s aware of his birthday and that he’s turning a year older and he kinda understands that he was “born” or came as a baby on this day. So I ordered cupcakes for his in class party, and went had lunch with him sang happy birthday and left, they have this crown with 5 candles on it for him that he had on the whole day even when I picked him up.

School Party

I also ordered some cupcakes for his swim teachers as it was his last day of swimming for the year, we may go back in the Spring. They really enjoyed that and they also sang Happy Birthday to him. We then had music and she printed out the notes to the Happy Birthday song and they played it on the piano and sang it and had lots of fun as well. He was also really looking forward to his birthday because of a certain gift. His favorite Xbox game was Disney Universe and somehow we don’t know how he broke it, most probably stepped on it and he was really sad and wanted us to fix it and we told him if he was good and took care of his stuff we’ll get it for his birthday, and this was a few months ago, he got a couple other games since but he wanted the Disney one. So we got that and I wrapped it up and got the Rio game as well, a singing birthday card, balloons, a banner a couple party hats (which he refused to wear cuz he wanted to wear his school crown), we had my cousin, her husband and daughter along with my brother to come over for cake and it was so much fun, he had a blast and enjoyed all the singing and he was able to blow out his own candles, an achievement for him, just a few months ago he didn’t know how to bring his lips together and blow. He got Lego and Angry Birds gifts and we haven’t opened them all yet, as we’re opening one at a time. I barely took any pictures of my own but thankfully my cousin’s daughter a professional photographer snapped some beautiful pics. It was great something truly memorable, and next month is his brother’s 2nd birthday, we’re not really gonna go all out for him but just cake and balloons and a couple gifts, he’ll learn the meaning of birthday’s sooner than 5 I’m sure but for now he doesn’t get it.

Birthday Cake


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  1. Aw, happy birthday Bilal! Looks like he really got into the spirit of it all.

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