Our journey through autism

Physical Therapy

Back in January we had trouble with bike pedaling, and the OT goals were way too broad so his OT therapist suggested he be evaluated for PT and if he’s eligible then she could concentrate on more specific goals for OT. The PT therapist said that Bilal had the strength and could even do push ups and sit ups but he lacks the proper method of doing things, when he runs his arms and legs flail all over the place and he cant throw or catch a ball properly, and he needed to learn to pedal. I suggested that the school evaluate him as well but he wasn’t eligible for that and they gave me an article about the difference between educational and medical therapy and what’s covered with each and how they are different and such. So now we’re doing private PT once a week at the same center he goes to for OT. He can pedal a tricycle with no trouble at all, but cant pedal a bicycle at all, I guess the muscles needed in each is different, but its great we can go to the park and ride together and maybe he’ll learn to pedal a bike now that he’s getting PT.


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